My name is Dana Elisabeth, the photographer of All Smiles Portraits. I am based in Northwest Arkansas, but I love to travel and take pictures in a variety of locations.

I believe in beautiful. Happiness. Light. Genuineness. Creativity. And I believe in love. And that is what I want you to see in your pictures. I want you to see yourself as absolutely beautiful, happy, and real.

My love for art and photography began as a child.  My mother was a photographer and took many pictures of my sisters and me when we were children.  She is also an art teacher, so she instilled in us a love for beautiful artwork.  We were often painting, drawing, or going to museums.

I attended John Brown University for my Bachelor’s, and Harding University for my Master’s.  But when I attended photography school in Dallas, I fell in love with photography itself, and began capturing pictures of life from China to Paris.  As I have photographed family, love, nature, and life, I am moved by God’s power in creation.

I love to take pictures that tell a story.  My goal is to capture pictures that will bring a smile to your face, and memories that last.  My nickname as child was “Miss Happy” because not only did life make me happy, but I enjoyed making others happy.

Through my photography, my desire is to produce works of art that not only capture the happiness of the moment, but will bring a smile to your face each time you look at the pictures in years to come.

Let’s make beautiful artwork together.